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Сonference ICLO 2018

18th International Conference on Laser Optics (ICLO 2018) is the international event, organized in the field of laser physics, photonics, optoelectronics and optical engineering. Maiman Electronics LLC took part at the conference and introduced company products:

1) High-Power OEM CW laser diode driver SF6015 (15A; 10V), SF6030 (30A; 10V), SF6090 (100A; 10V), SF6100 (25A; 40V);

2) Laser Diode Controller with TEC for Butterfly LD SF8XXX-ZIF14, SF8XXX-14, SF8XXX-10;

3) Benchtop Laser Diode/TEC Controller MBL1500A

This conference is very important for us because it takes place in our home region. We were very glad to see you at our booth.


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