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Save your 

Ultra-compact CW/QCW laser driver SF6XXX will be a briliant solution for your application. It provides high power with fantastic efficiency.

Choose your model

Wide products range allows to choose 

the optimal solution.


Various features allow use laser diode drivers conveniently and safely.


High power density

2.5kW in full brick size (116.8x57.9 mm)

High efficiency up to 98,7%

Reduces power consumption and heat loss


Safe start-up with rise time from 60us

Multiple control type

Anaolg control via 5V signal

Digital control: RS232/ UART/ USB

Multiple type of LD Protection 

Over current protection

Adjustable current limit

Crowbar circuit protection

Thermal warning and shutdown

NTC thermistor input

Shutdown driver when

the laser diode overheats

Easy control

It is easy to get started with our driver.  Multiple control type allows to choose optimal solution for control driver.

Digital control

We provide wide range of digital interfaces RS232/ UART/ USB. You can create your own soft via command protocol or use our free soft.

Analog control

You need just 5V signals. A simple solution for integration in the big system.

Free soft for fast start

Design that matters

All power components is under the board, filled with thermally conductive compound and mounted on an aluminum base plate.

OEM - Simple integration

It is easy to install driver in you system.   The design allows the use various cooling options.

You can install driver on air cooling

water cooling system



Fantastic efficiency

High efficiency up to 98,7% allows to reduce power consumption, heat loss and save your space.To optimize driver design we make thermal modeling and thermogram.

Safety solution

The driver provides high stability operation

your laser diode and Multiple type of LD Protection.


High stable solution

Current stability <0.2%.       

On the waveform indicated ripple

amplitude <15 mA on 10A 35V

Multiple type of LD Protection 

Over current protection

Adjustable current limit

Crowbar circuit protection

Thermal warning and shutdown

mode operation
rise time
fall time
pulse duration

Soft start

SF6XXX provides possibility for operating in QCW mode with the 

rise time 60μs without overshooting. 

Rise time differs from model to model.

Easy to place an order

Worldwide fast shipping

It is easy to get our driver anywhere in the world.   

We have distributors in     

10 countries and stock in USA and Korea.


Large stock

We have in stock most of the models. This allows us to provide lead time 2-4 days.


Quality control

Quality control is our most important goal. We test each driver and provide a test report. This allows us to provide a failure rate less than 1%.

Get your driver now

Check out our e-shop to compare of the technical parameters and prices. 

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