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Delivery & Delays

Website e-shop order will be delivered via UPS.  Orders that have been placed by regular e-mail, website forms will be delivered via UPS or customer UPS, DHL, FedEx account.

Lead time (time before shipping) for the website e-shop order will be will be not more than  1 week. To check more accurate lead time contact us via regular e-mail, website forms.

Delivery dates noted on the Order Confirmation are subject to reasonable adjustment. The acceptance of shipment by a common carrier or by any licensed public truckman shall constitute proper delivery.

In case Maiman Electronics is unable to deliver ordered goods in time, Maiman Electronics a shall notify buyer of this and at the same time, if possible, provide buyer with information on expected delivery date.

Maiman Electronics shall not be responsible for any loss suffered by buyer, including loss on operations, loss of profits or other indirect losses as a result of the delay in delivery, and consequently Maiman Electronics shall not compensate buyer for any of such loss.

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