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This section describes the limited warranty agreement of Maiman Electronics regarding your purchase of Maiman Electronics products.

1. Warranty period

In compliance with the provisions of Conditions limited warranty the Buyer has the right to guarantee during the one year period.

2. Special conditions

The warranty period comes into effect from the shipping date.

The warranty only concerns products that are applied according requirements and for the applications specified in the manual for the product. If you want to use the products for other applications, contact us by e-mail: This warranty does not apply to damage due to incorrect use, abnormal use, or use in violation of product manual.


3. Conditions Limited warranty

Maiman Electronics products are guaranteed to be free from defects. When a Product does not function conform this warranty, Maiman Electronics will provide a free repair or replacement of the defective product with due observance to the applicable warranty policy and the conditions of the limited warranty as described below.

For warranty service, you must provide product serial number for product identification.

At the first stage Maiman Electronics conducts remote diagnostics of the problem product. For remote diagnostics customers must provide some information about product setup (photos and videos if possible), operation mode and load characteristics. It may also be necessary from the customer to conduct some simple tests. This will allow Maiman Electronics to carry out the most prompt assistance and avoid the shipment of working products. Most problems can be resolved during remote diagnostics.

If the remote diagnostics did not bring results, the product may need to be sent Maiman Electronics for repair or replacement.  Maiman Electronics may decide to replace the product without sending  defective product.

This warranty is void if any person has performed or applied repairs or adjustments to the Product, which Maiman Electronics has not duly authorized.

If requested by Maiman Electronics, non-compliant or defective Products become property of Maiman Electronics after replacement.

If Maiman Electronics decides to replace the product and this is not possible as it is no longer in production or available, Maiman Electronics can replace the Product with a comparable product (with possible minor deviations in design and product specifications).

If Maiman Electronics has repaired or replaced a Product no new warranty period will commence, but the remainder of the original warranty period will continue to apply.

4. Limitations and conditions


This is a limited warranty, which excludes, among others: installation and special, incidental, and consequential damage (such as loss of revenue/profits, damage to property or other costs not previously mentioned), and is further defined by the limitations and conditions set out in the relevant warranty agreement and these conditions.

Maiman Electronics shall not be liable for any defects or losses suffered by buyer, including loss on operations, loss of profits or other indirect losses as a result of the defects, and consequently Maiman Electronics shall not compensate buyer for any of such loss.

Repair or replacement the Product or its defective part does not include removal or installation work, costs or expenses which include but are not limited to labor costs or expenses.

Maiman Electronics shall not be liable for expenses (whether or not by or of third parties) which have been made by Buyer without having notified Maiman Electronics of the defective Products and without Maiman Electronics written permission to make expenses.

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