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Benchtop_Laser_ Diode_TEC_ Controller_MB
Pump your

Benchtop laser controller include

high stability current source    (10-15 µA) for laser diode  and TEC for precision maintaining temperature on peiltier element (TEM) (0,01 °C) 

Choose your model

The electrical parameters of the MBL series are the same.

 current noise 10-15 µA
up to 
TEC current
up to 
TEC voltage
10 kOhm
Temperature  control range
+15 to +40 °C
with temperature stabilization 0,01 °C

MBL series has two modifications with external connector or with integrated mount for butterfly laser diode.

Benchtop_Laser_ Diode_TEC_ Controller_MB


Universal solution with external connector 
allows you to use this modification with any type of laser diode.


MBL1500A modification have integrated mount with Azimuth socket for quick LD replacement. Model supports laser diode in 10 or 14 pin butterfly cases and Type 1 pumping or
Type 2 telecom pinout.
Benchtop Laser Diode_TEC Controller MBL1
case type
 butterfly case
 butterfly case
Pinout Type 1 pumping SF8XXX
Pinout Type 2 telecom SF8XXXT 

Various features allow use laser diode drivers conveniently and safely.

Low-noise solution

Laser driver provides current ripple not more than 10-15 µA


Current source, TEC controller,

mount for Butterfly laser diode

Auto-tune PID controller

Integrated PID controller

that doesn't require setup 

Multiple type of LD Protection 

Current protection

Adjustable current limit

Soft-Start Current Ramp

Temperature Protection

Benchtop Laser Diode_TEC Controller MBL1

Multiple control type

Locally with Touch Screen or Buttons

Digital control via USB

Free software

Memory cells

Its easy to save and load parameters quickly with

9 memory cells

Easy control

Benchtop MBL series have locall or remote control.

Locall control

You can control MBL benctop locally via touch screen or buttons. Сonvenient control way  is your decision.

Remote control

We provide remote capability via digital interfaces USB. You can create your own soft via command protocol or use free soft.

Free soft for fast start

Optimized for your task

Different screens allow optimize Benchtop for your tasks.

The main screen allows you to set the basic parameters: current, temperature. If you use benctop in long pulse mode you can also set duration and frequency.


The setting screen allows to set limits, calibrate basic parameters and make small changessuch as the buttons brightness.


The memory screen contains 9 memory cells allows to save set parameters. This

makes easier to conduct tests and laboratory research.

Easy to place an order

Worldwide fast shipping

It is easy to get our driver anywhere in the world.   

We have distributors in     

10 countries and stock in USA and Korea.


Large stock

We have in stock most of the models. This allows us to provide lead time 2-4 days.


Quality control

Quality control is our most important goal. We test each driver and provide a test report. This allows us to provide a failure rate less than 1%.

Get your driver now

Check out our e-shop to compare of the technical parameters and prices. 

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