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Update for the Laser Diode Driver SF6015 (15A 10V) and SF6030 (30A 10V)

We have an update for the Laser Diode Driver SF6015 and SF6030. This OEM CW Laser Diode Drivers is an excellent choice for multi-mode laser diodes from II-VI Laser Enterprise, BWT Beijing Laser Diodes, IPG Photonics, Dilas Diodenlaser, Lumentum and etc.

The main changes that we have in new version:

- NTC thermistor input (for shutdown driver when the laser diode was overheating);

- Pumping current changing step now 0,01 A (the old version have pumping current changing step 0,1 A);

- Possibility to measuring driver temperature (the old version have only two thresholds protection);

- Possibility to calibrate current within 5%;

- The rise time became a little faster 150 us from 10% to 90%.


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