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Great Update for the Laser Diode Driver SF6100 (25A 40V)

We have a great update for the Laser Diode Driver SF6100. This OEM CW Laser Diode Driver driver is an excellent choice for Multi-Single Emitter Pumps and LD's in Series Requiring High Compliance Voltage from II-VI Laser Enterprise, BWT Beijing Laser Diodes, IPG Photonics, Dilas Diodenlaser, Lumentum and etc.

The main changes that we have in new version:

- NTC thermistor input (for shutdown driver when the laser diode was overheating);

- Pumping current changing step now 0,01 A (the old version have pumping current changing step 0,1 A);

- Output current (I) now up to 25 A (the old version have output current 20 A);

- Possibility to measuring driver temperature (the old version have only two thresholds protection);

- Possibility to calibrate current within 5%

- The rise time became a little faster 150 us from 10% to 90% (300 us for the full amplitude) #maimanelectronics #laserdiodes #laserdiodedriver #photonics #laser

OEM CW High Voltage Laser Diode Driver SF6100 (25A 40V)